Special Offer - Aluminium Composite Hoarding Boards - From £75 Each

London Hoardings and Nationwide Printed Hoarding Service

Printed Hoarding Boards in Aluminium Composite Material. We supply London Hoarding Boards; Manchester Hoarding Boards; Birmingham Hoarding boards and advertising fencing for building site compounds nationwide. Quality Hoarding Graphics, Digitally printed, for your contractor to erect. We offer a Nationwide Printed Hoardings Service on a supply only or supply and fit basis.

Fitting Service

Take advantage of our fitting service by using our own experienced fitting team. Experience has shown us that the best material for the job is Aluminium Composite Material. Our aluminium composite hoardings such as Dibond and Reynobond are guaranteed to make your building site stand out.

Hoarding boards that sell!

There is no doubt about it. Hoarding boards have an aesthetic appeal and they work 24/7 to help promote your construction development. Meaning the more properties you sell off-plan the more profitable you or your client can be. Bringing a far quicker return on investment.

The standard size of our Construction Site Hoarding Boards boards is 2440mm x 1220mm. Our pricing structure is based upon the amount of full boards required for your project.

We have a wealth of knowledge

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both supplying and fitting Digitally Printed Hoarding Boards. And utilising our CNC Routering equipment we can achieve special shapes and effects that astound. Including stand-off letters and logos in a range of materials and also illuminated 3D shapes. Your imagination is your only limit!

So call us now and speak to Jamie on 01332 200 210 to discuss your next Hoarding Project. Or email us at enquiry@hoardingboards.co.uk

Special Offer - Aluminium Composite Hoarding Boards - From £75 Ea.


PRINT ONLY SERVICE  - For Construction Site Hoarding Boards

This is where your Design Agency performs the Site Survey and artwork origination, sending the artwork to us for production. We can then deliver the panels to the destination of your choice for erection by your preferred contractor. Be sure to advise your Design Agency to contact us early in the design process to ensure that they produce artwork to our specification. After we have approved and accepted the artwork, we commence production. After this we either use our own transport or a Courier Service to deliver the boards depending upon the quantity ordered.

Hoarding Design & Artwork

Designers can send the artwork to us in a rage of file types - we suggest contacting us to find out more details on file types and artwork production. Simply call our Design Studio on 01332 200 210.

PRINT & FIT SERVICE - For Construction Site Hoarding Boards

This is where we come to your site and measure up your existing Hoarding Fence. We take Levels and sizes and then produce a Scale Drawing of the fence which we can send to your Designers. This Scale Drawing of the Hoarding is in a Vector Format so your Designer can easily use it as an important aid to designing the graphics.

We will also advise on the quantity of boards required and the best way to both produce the artwork as well. It is amazing how many times we have received artwork from Designers as a simple rectangle and expect it to fit onto a hoarding that has a slope in it! Some Hoardings require the graphic design splitting and new levels creating to combat the slope if it is severe.

It is therefore imperative that a Site Survey is undertaken prior to the design being created. Indeed, we insist upon undertaking the Site Survey if it is intended that we undertake the fitting for you.

DESIGN, PRINT & FIT SERVICE - For Construction Site Hoarding Boards

This is our Complete Service. We undertake the Site Survey and Health & Safety Risk Assessment along with Method Statements. After this, back at our factory, we produce the Scaled Vector Template which we then use to create the design upon. Once the design has been approved we undertake the production of the printed boards. We have Large Format Digital Printers in-house and more in a second location. So here at Derby Sign & Graphics, we can handle most projects.

Delivery of Hoarding Boards

We then Deliver the Hoarding Boards using our own transport, to site on the pre-arranged fitting day, After Signing-in and your Site Induction we simply get on with the job. We would generally be working on the outside of your site so should not get in the way of your day-day activities.

Removal of Graffiti from Hoarding Boards

Removing Graffiti from Hoarding Boards has always been an issue due to its close proximity to the public.There is an ongoing argument as to how best overcome it in terms produciing hoarding boards. One school of thought is to over-laminate the boards with an "Anti-Graffiti Film". This is a polester film with an extremely high gloss surface. The surface resists both the adhesion of varioius inks and paints. It also resists but also the attacking nature of propriertary "Graffiti Removal Spray".

Problems with "Anti-Graffiti Laminate"

This film works very well in general, but due to its cost it has been known for customers to opt for a cheaper "Clear Vinyl" over-laminate. And it is not unheard of for customers to order the real "expensive" graffiti film, only to be provided with normal clear PVC film. This normal PVC film just does not do the job effectively! Evidence of this soon becomes apparent once the film has been sprayed with the Graffiti Remover. Almost immediately the gloss surface becomes matt.The spray then needs to be wiped sraight off. Otherwise it begins to eat into the film. This can destroy both the so-called protective film and the graphics beneath!

Printed Hoarding Boards using UV Ink

Another school of thought is to print the boards directly using a specialist UV curable Ink. These inks are extremely resilient to many chemicals including "Anti-Graffiti Spray". This ink is reactive to UV light and indeed it is this process that actually "dries" or "sets" the ink onto the boards. There is a slight draw-back with this process in that the ink can actually be scratched with a sharp impliment like a knife. However, the longer the ink is exposed to the daylight, the harder and more resilient to fading, the ink becomes.

Graffiti Removal Spray on UV Printed Hoarding Boards

Have a look at our video showing the act of cleaning a range of graffiti substances from a UV printed Hoarding board. This video was made a few years ago now so we plan on getting a few newer (and more professional) videos produced soon.