Aluminium Composite Material Building Site Hoardings

We Only use the best Aluminium Composite Material for Hoarding Boards

Aluminium Composite Material has been regarded for some time as the best material for use in Printed Graphic Hoardings for Construction Sites. And here's why we agree!...

Recyclable Hoarding Boards

Our top quality aluminium composite panel is guaranteed against deterioration and is TOTALLY RECYCLABLE. It is suitable for use on projects between 6 months and 6 years.

Constructed from two thin layers of Aluminium sheet sandwiching a centre core of low density polyethylene material. The standard size of each panel or board is 2440mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft nominally). This lightweight board is ideal for use on hoarding graphics panels. Perfectly flat and with the slightly thicker aluminium facing than some, iIt is well known in the graphics industry and is sometimes called Dibond Aluminium Sheet, Reynobond, Alcobond, and other trade names besides. These are all reputable manufacturers.

Consistent Quality Guaranteed

Some of the cheaper Chinese Imported materials should be avoided however as they are not of a consistent quality. We only use the very best Aluminium Composite Material for Hoarding Boards.

A rigid board, it sits flat against the existing hoarding fence and withstands the sometimes harsh weather and temperature conditions that the British weather has to throw at it.

Minimised Warping & Weather Resistant Hoarding Boards

It has also got minimal thermal expansion properties. This enables relatively long runs of the board with small expansion gaps inbetween. Thereby minimising the possibility of warping in hot weather due to expansion. Cellular Foam PVC products like Foamex as an example suffer terribly from thermal expansion and render them useless as nice flat graphics panels. Take a look at the Material Specification sheet here.

Here's why we only sell Premium Quality Hoarding Boards

We used to sell an "Eco Board" which was still of excellent quality and perfect for hoardings. It simply had a slightly thinner layer of Aluminium on either side of the central core. However, we now benefit from economies of scale with the amount we buy that we can supply the Premium Hoarding Boards at the same price! Consequently, we no longer bother with "Eco Board".


Standard Colour - White

This is the material that we use for Printed Hoarding Graphics as it accepts a high quality UV print readily and gives a good finish. The finish is excellent for resisting Anti Grafitti Cleaner and give minimal ghosting of the printed image when cleaned.

In addition to our premium printed hoarding boards which start of life as a white board which we print onto, we can also supply premium pre-coloured boards.



Premium Pre-coloured Boards.

This is also a superb board and perfect for the job. With an acceptable Thermal Expansion Rate it can also be used on some of the longest hoardings around. Perfectly flat and with the slightly thicker aluminium facing, it lasts well and looks good for a decent length of time.

Pre-coloured Hoarding Boards are available in a wide range of colours. Both Matt and Gloss finishes available. We can use these boards sometimes to stick Vinyl Text and Images onto to provide the desired effect. The increased cost of these pre-coloured boards can be prohibitive on some larger installations of course. But some of the smaller and more select locations are simply crying out for some creative impact! For very large projects we can arrange pre-coloured boards to be manufactured to almost any special colour. Please ask us for more details.

Premium Hoarding Boards from Only £75 Each - At

Premium Finish Boards.

There are various Premium Finishes available for that "Special" situation or Location.

At the forefront of design and manufacturing skills we are always innovative when the budget allows.

For example, we have produced some prestigious BRUSHED ALUMINIUM hoardings that help sell a development in no time!

And coupled with Flat-Cut Letters & Logos mounted onto Stand-Off fixings, the results can look simply stunning!

We produce flat-cut letters, logos and other graphic elements in-house on our large flat-bed CNC router. This way we can control production and turn around better.

To see examples of material types and colours go to our EXAMPLES page Here. If you wish to discuss any prestige project you may have coming up, please call Jamie on 01332 200210 and he will be happy to offer advice and a quotation. Whether that be for Supply only, Supply & Print or just Design.

Premium Hoarding Boards contain a thicker layer of alluminium on either side than cheaper alternatives to ensure a flatter board.
Our hoarding boards can also be used as a cladding for sales offices on construction sites

Hoarding Board Material Colours and Finishes

Gloss White
Gloss Orange
Gloss Grey
Gloss Red
Gloss Graphite
Gloss Burgundy
Gloss/Matt Black
Gloss Brown
Gloss/Matt Ivory
Gloss Green RAL6024
Gloss Yellow
Gloss Green RAL6005
Gloss Dark Blue
Gloss Blue RAL5002

Hoarding Board Material Premium Finishes

Brushed Finish Silver - Also known as Buttler Finish Hoarding Boards
Brushed Finish Gold
Brushed Finish Black