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Supplying us with Hoarding artwork for your project

Your Design Agency can send us artwork to produce your hoarding graphics.

It is best to contact us initially prior to your artwork production and confirm image resolution requirements.  

We offer a Hoarding Board Site Survey service.

We would recommend you undertake a Hoarding Board Site Survey. We can produce a millimeter perfect, scale drawing of your existing timber hoarding fence. This takes into account all the levels of the existing hoarding fence and the positions of the existing hoarding boards. We can supply this as a vector drawing to your designer for them to use as a template to design and produce the final artwork on. Please note that this service is chargeable. However, it will prove invaluable when it comes to fitting the actual printed boards. It is also possible to establish new levels for the printed boards enabling a more flowing overall design. Once the position of the original timber hoarding fence panels have been established, we can identify suitable points to make steps up or down in the overall hoarding design.  
Please telephone us to discuss your hoarding further, prior to the design stage.
  We only accept and work with the following artwork file types:- AI - Adobe Illustrator PSD - Photoshop document PDF - Portable Document Format CDR - CorelDraw Document EPS - Encapsulated Postscript File   All Final or Print Ready Hoarding Artwork supplied should be produced in CMYK rather than RGB Due to the printing process employed Normally, producing files at QUARTER ACTUAL SIZE with any BITMAP IMAGES sampled at 300DPI, produces an acceptable result. All the Letterstyles used should be converted to Paths/Curves within the files. This elliminates conflicts in systems replacing fonts.

Colour Matching Systems.

We know that Pantone Colour References are used as an industry standard. However,  you must be aware that the CMYK Digital printing process is not able to reproduce all PMS colours faithfully and will default to a "Closest Match". You should contact us to produce a sample print if the colours have to match something else. The results of a Digital CMYK printing process differ considerably to that of Lithographic printing, so if you are not sure, please contact us. Please contact our Design Studio if you have any doubts or questions at all.  
Designer Note - Consider using Routered Letters, Logos & Shapes within the design. See our other website regarding our In-House Routering Service by clicking HERE.

We can Design your Hoarding Graphics

Design Studio.

If you do not have a Designer or Design Department, we can undertake this for you in our In-House Design Studio.

We would suggest that you use our Site Survey service too. We can produce a template drawing outlining your existing timber hoarding fence. This is then used as a template to design and produce the final print ready artwork on.

We will listen to your initial ideas and work closely with you to form a flowing and impactful design.

There are many reasons for using graphics on your hoarding not least to inform people of the development.


We have the creative ideas


Hoarding Graphics can be useful in selling a development "Off-plan". Sometimes the purpose is to simply disguise an unsightly site for the benefit of close neighbours. Either way we have the creativity and experience to undertake your design project.

Some of our creative ideas involve the use of Premium Finish and Coloured boards that are cut to shape using our in-house CNC Routering facility.

Please contact our Design Studio if you have any doubts or questions at all.

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