In-House Graphic Design for Construction Site Hoardings

Hoarding Design - At the forefront of design and manufacturing skills we are always innovative when the budget allows. For example, we have produced some prestigious BRUSHED ALUMINIUM hoardings that help sell a development in no time!

The majority of the hoarding boards that we produce however, are not quite so brash. Our in-house Design Team can design hoardings within a range of budgets and to a wide specification. Moreoften than not the design targets a specific demographic or target market group. We can receive your brief and translate it into a stunning finished hoarding design.

We have a wealth of experience in producing innovative and creative designs that fit in well with your existing branding. We always advise our clients to undertake a site survey prior to us designing the hoarding. This site survey allows us to acquire important information about your site including the right ground levels, to ensure the intended design best utilises the site’s geographic and topographic properties. We design hoardings from a cohesive perspective, trying to take many elements into account. Often, by having such a detailed Site Survey along with the resultant Template Drawing, we can eliminate the use of unnecessary Header & Footer Panels which can impact the fluidity of some designs. Sometimes of course, they can enhance the design. This is all part of the way we approach the design of hoarding boards.


Considerations to good hoarding design:

  • The direction and the speed of passing vehicular traffic as well as foot traffic.


  • The use and type of Photographic Images.


  • Legibility of fonts and messages used on the hoarding.


  • Necessary Health & Safety Signage to be included within the overall hoarding.


  • Openings and Gateways and their impact upon the design or the message to be conveyed.


  • Maintaining a Corporate Image.


  • Site specific branding.


  • Planning constraints and the impact of colours and design on the local area.


  • The type of message to be conveyed, be it Sales or General Information.


Supplying your own artwork

We work with design agencies and sign makers throughout the UK and accept most proprietary file types including:





  • Quark Xpress


  • PDF, TIFF, JPEG and others


If you’re happy to supply your own artwork we ask that any bitmaps included are provided at 300dpi when artwork is supplied at QUARTER SIZE.

To prevent any problems with artwork, please feel free to speak to us or email us with any questions before hand.


Jamie at a Hoarding Design Station in our In-House Design Studio
Steph at her Hoarding Design Station in our In-House Design Studio
Lee at his Hoarding Design Station in our In-House Design Studio