Removal of Graffiti from Hoarding Boards

Removing Graffiti from Hoarding Boards has always been an issue due to its close proximity to the public.There is an ongoing argument as to how best overcome it in terms produciing hoarding boards. One school of thought is to over-laminate the boards with an "Anti-Graffiti Film". This is a polester film with an extremely high gloss surface. The surface resists both the adhesion of varioius inks and paints. However, it also resists the attacking nature of propriertary "Graffiti Removal Spray".

Problems with "Anti-Graffiti Laminate"

This film works very well in general, but due to its cost it has been known for customers to opt for a cheaper "Clear Vinyl" over-laminate. And it is not unheard of for customers to order the real "expensive" graffiti film, only to be provided with normal clear PVC film. This normal PVC film just does not do the job effectively! Evidence of this soon becomes apparent once the film has been sprayed with the Graffiti Remover. Almost immediately the gloss surface becomes matt.The spray then needs to be wiped sraight off. Otherwise it begins to eat into the film. This can destroy both the so-called protective film and the graphics beneath!

Printed Hoarding Boards using UV Ink

Another school of thought is to print the boards directly using a specialist UV curable Ink. These inks are extremely resilient to many chemicals including "Anti-Graffiti Spray". This ink is reactive to UV light and indeed it is this process that actually "dries" or "sets" the ink onto the boards. There is a slight draw-back with this process in that the ink can actually be scratched with a sharp impliment like a knife. However, the longer the ink is exposed to the daylight, the harder and more resilient to fading, the ink becomes.

Graffiti Removal Spray on UV Printed Hoarding Boards

Have a look at our video showing the act of cleaning a range of graffiti substances from a UV printed Hoarding board. This video was made a few years ago now so we plan on getting a few newer (and more professional) videos produced soon.